About Mentoring Departments and Mentors

Mentors are instrumental partners in the New Americans Fellowship (NAF). Participating County Departments and individuals guide fellows as they navigate immigrant integration at the intersection of local government.

They provide mentorship and subject matter knowledge to fellows as they conduct research and analyze policies that impact immigrant communities. By mentoring a fellow, participating departments gain unique, innovative perspectives specific to the DACA and the undocumented community. 

Through the Office of Immigrant Relations, fellows may focus on any of the following elements:

  • ​​Indicators of immigrant integration
  • Indicators of welcoming policies and practices
  • Health care access to information and services, COVID-19 impact​
  • LGBTQ and women's rights and resources
  • Immigrants and public safety
  • Protecting immigrant communities from immigration fraud
  • Civic engagement, community education, and outreach
  • Supporting access to services for limited and non English speaking individuals
  • Financial literacy and navigating access to services​​

Roles and Responsibilities of Mentoring Departments and Individuals

  • Guide fellows as they do research on immigrant populations and County practices
  • Provide direct support to the fellow's New Americans Research Project, which will be presented at the County of Dreamers  event (scheduled at the end of the NAF)
    • ​For samples of past New Americans Research Projects, click here

Interested in applying to become a mentoring site? Here's what to expect for the 2021 New Americans Fellowship.

1. 2021 Start Date, End Date, and Event Timeline

  •  ​The exact starting date will be determined in April 2021 after the 2021 cohort is selected to ensure that the timeline works well for the cohort group based on school calendars. We anticipate starting the NAF on the 2nd or 3rd week of June 2021 and will run for 10 consecutive weeks

2. New Americans Research Project

  • Fellows are tasked with a New Americans Research Project and a final presentation requirement that provides policy recommendations to improve immigrant integration. Fellows will present at the County of Dreamers event, scheduled at the end of the NAF. Exact date TBD. 

3. Mentoring Support

  • OIR will provide support and promote the success of the NAF through an OIR liaison.

Departments that Participated in the Past


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Applications Open February 1-March 1, 2021



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