This report captures the work of the Office of Immigrant Relations and contracts monitoring.                   

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Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Report


Access to much needed data about local immigrants and Santa Clara County families is available in several OIR publications and reports:

Immigrant Contributions in Santa Clara County, 2016

Immigrant Contributions Newsletter


A Tale of Two Valleys is a report based on the material presented at a public forum organized by the SCC Human Relations Commission and the Office of Human Relations in August of 2014.  Over 290 individuals stepped forward to voice the economic, emotional and physical insecurities that are impacting a significant portion of the population. The voices heard on that day shared the intimacy of the struggle that they wage daily in order to survive. Over a third of the testimonies were received from the immigrant community, including 120 provided in Spanish. IRIS-OIR staff played a key role in planning, outreach, logistics and writing of this report.


This report on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) research studies and DACA implementation in Santa Clara County was presented to the County Board of Supervisors in June of 2014. The report contains a comprehensive list of DACA studies conducted around the country, as well as local research. It analyzes County implementation and funding efforts and outlines next steps.

For more information on DACA, as well as Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) you can also check the Administrative Relief website.


On July 17 2007, community members voiced their struggles, concerns and hopes for a better future. Whether these individuals gave testimony anonymously, behind a curtain, or in front of an audience of 300 people, these County residents spoke to the impact of immigration on their lives. Their testimony brought to light the socially constructed experience of immigration. This report originally published in 2010, also contains expert testimony, demographic and supplemental information.  


Bridging Borders in Silicon Valley is a nationally recognized 400 pages study of immigrant needs and contributions in Santa Clara County. Over the course of 18 months Immigrant Relations and Integration Services (now OIR) conducted this comprehensive research project with 16 immigrant groups and U.S. born residents. The results of the study were published in Bridging Borders in Silicon Valley.


KIN of Santa Clara County is an initial step to better understand an increasing, immensely significant segment of the county's population: that of immigrants, who with their U.S.-born children constitute 60% of the county population. This book focuses on 16 immigrant groups living in Santa Clara County, highlighting their background, immigration patterns, social and cultural characteristics, strengths and challenges, and above all, examples of their significant contributions to the larger society.


This article was published in 2000 in the Bridging Borders in Silicon Valley book. It discusses theoretical and methodological background, scope of the study, immigrant economic contributions, as well as contributions in the sphere of education, politics and culture. The article also outlines the most important conclusions and the need for further research.

Additional Relevant Reports:

CIPS: Looking Forward: Immigrant Contributions Report 2014

CIPC report

In this report was initially published in 2012 and updated in 2014. In this synopsis California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC) summarized immigrant contributions to the development and prosperity of California. The report emphasizes contributions of immigrants who are in the workforce, including non-continuous workers, their entrepreneurship and other economic contributions, civic engagement, and other impacts on numerous cities across California.

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